Pylontech research awards

EuPD Research awards Pylontech as the top Storage brand in Spain and Italy in 2021.

Pylontech has been awarded the “Top Storage Brand in Italy and Spain 2021” seal. According to the results of a comprehensive survey carried out by EUPD Research among installers with their awareness to Pylontech product quanlity and service. This is the second year for Pylontech to gain top brand. The Top Brand PV seal which aims to give wholesalers, installers and end customers independent guidance for quality brands, as it measures and analyze the perception of PV and Stoeage market intermediaries and end customers.
This competition is beneficial and important for the entire industry to constantly deliver better products and enhance the quality of solar energy. Since 2013, Pylontech has delivered Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) serving for over 250,000 House with their smart energy storage solutions.
Currently BESS is not a new concept. Technology makes peoples’ lives better. There are millions families realized the power independence, but there are still 1.2 billion that lived beyond the grid, or people who were on the grid, paying ever-increasing charges for energy, paying for nuclear power plants that never came online but it’s in their energy bill…
Top brand in the customer mind is not the final goal.
Pylontech hope to endow people the power to make decisions around what the generation source is and being able to have sustainable and affortable power when and where they needed it.
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